Play Therapy

What is Play Therapy?
Play therapy is a special type of therapy used with children. Unlike adults who are more proficient in talking, the easiest way for children to express themselves is through play. Children’s play is like a secret code which hides their worries, concerns, hopes and dreams. When children play, they are often trying to work out problems. Play therapy provides a safe environment with a specially trained professional who can decode the child’s secret language of play.

If it is just play, why can’t we do it at home?
Unfortunately, it’s not just playing that helps the child. Play therapists are specially trained to interpret what the child’s play represents. Depending on the child’s needs, sometimes the play therapist will allow the child to pick what to do in a session; sometimes the therapist will direct the activities of the session. The therapist will use both play and words to help the child work through their issues.
Adults often have a difficult time talking their problems over with friends or relatives, and find that a therapist can offer them a safe place to work out their difficulties. Children are no different, it’s a sometimes hard to share pain with people we love. The adults in a child’s world are always included in the treatment, sometimes in family play therapy and sometimes as consultants. Children’s caregivers are an important part of the process of play therapy.